Compensation Plan

Stage 1

Step out bonus N250 x 6 =N1,500 ,Total payout for stage
one=N1,500  OR  1 cornflakes, I milo, 2 Tin tomato paste..

Stage 2

Step out bonus N500 x 6 =N3,000 Total payout for stage two =N3,000 ,1 Rice Floor, 1 Milk, 1 Milo, 1 packet of maggi, 1 75cl ground nut oil, 1 packet of ofada rice.

Stage 3

Step out bonus N1500 x 6 = N9,000


Food stuff , 10 pics of spaghetti , 3 rice floor, 1 ltr of ground nut oil, ¼ carton of Tin tomatos, 1 packet of salt. 

Stage 4

Step out bonus N3,500 x 6 = N21,000


1 Table gas cooker, Food stuff  25Kg of rice,1 carton of indomie,1 carton of spaghetti,1 carton of maggi, 3 litres of ground nut oil,1 packet of milo 900gm,1 carton of Tin tomatoes.

Stage 5

Step out bonus N8,000 x 14 = N48,000


Phone worth N25k, Food stuff  1 25kg Rice, 10 litres Groundnut oil, 2 Cartons of Tin tomatoes, 1 Cartons of Spaghetti, 2 Cartons of Indomie, 10kg Semo/Wheat.

Stage 6

Step out bonus N20,000 x 14 = N280,000


Laptap worth worth 100k.  

Stage 7

Step out bonus N71,000 x 14 = N994,0000


A brand new car worth 2m

Holiday in a resort